Field Hockey Tournament

This past weekend my team participated in The Sunshine Showcase which takes place in Orlando, Florida. We play field hockey and as a team we competed for the top spot in our division. Did it end up happening? It did not, in fact our record ended up being 1-1-3. (1 win, 1 tie, 3 losses) This was definitely not the result we wanted, but it’s okay. We all put forward our best effort and had a great time hanging out together as a team. Next time though, we are definitely aiming for some more wins!

Each game came with its own challenges, whether it be the refs or the other team. This was very frustrating for our team, but it was also a great learning experience. We had many situations where the umpires would make bad calls. This influenced the game and how we played a lot. We would come off the field and whisper to each other about how annoying the umpires were, but in the end there was nothing we could do. So, with every game that passed we were less and less influenced. When a bad call was made we got back and defended strong. This helped a lot, by letting things go we had continued results going upward. Even though it didn’t show it in the final scores, our performance as a team had definitely improved from the time we set foot on the fields to when we took our last steps off them.



Window or Mirror

Dust and Grim

The most recent book I read was Dust and Grim by Chuck Wendig, Genre: Horror fiction/paranormal fiction/fantasy fiction. For me this book was more of a window. This means, I don’t have many personal connections to the setting, plot, or characters in a book. So, what was my book about you may ask?  It was about a girl who tried to gain acceptance into the family from her brother. When in his home she snoops around and ends up getting herself caught up in a magical mystery including her uncle, the only person in the world that she thought was on her side. 

I chose the book Dust and Grim randomly, I picked it from the shelf and saw that one of my favorite authors had given it a good review so I decided to read it too. Even though I haven’t realized it, most of the books I’ve read have been windows. This is because my personal preference of books is fiction over nonfiction and although I would love to, I am not involved in any magical scheme that lots of fictional books are about.

The Smuggler

The Smuggler – Click here to access our project 

In class we read some wisdom tales from around the world and then made projects about them. My partner Georgia and I decided to do a stop motion video about The Smuggler

What is The Smuggler about you may ask. It is about a man who also got his donkeys checked by a guard before entering an open air market. The guard always knew that he was smuggling something, but he never knew what. Then, one day after the guard’s retirement he came across the man with the donkeys and asked him what he always smuggled through to the market. The donkeys, that is what I have smuggled through to the market for so long was the response of the man.

A Somewhat Interesting Day at Ski School

Can you imagine being stuck on a ski lift for 3+ hours? Well, I couldn’t either until it actually happened to me. It was an average day, I was at ski school in Breckenridge, Colorado having a great time. We had just eaten chicken nuggets and fries for lunch and were getting ready to go down our first slope of the afternoon. I love to be the first, so naturally me and my partner brought forth all of our energy and trekked up the little slope before the ski lift as fast as possible. Everything was great! I felt myself relax as my body touched the icy bench that was going to take us to our next hill. Then, the next thing I knew we were moving up the mountain. Out of nowhere we lurched forward, our bodies hit the bar protecting us from falling and I realized that we had stopped. We were about 30 feet from the ground and I felt the urge to jump. Just then I heard the voice of the ski lift patrol yelling up to me that the lift was stuck and he could not fix it. He also yelled and told me that one of my group members didn’t feel well so he had to go back down to the base. “Oh great” I thought to myself, “it’s freezing cold outside and I’m stuck with nowhere to go.” To make matters worse it even started to snow. I was bummed and annoyed when I felt clumps of wetness splotch down on me realizing that this was going to take a while. 

As minutes ticked on I felt a deeper dread in my body. This was going to take an unbearable amount of time. And I was right, my instructor was gone, the rest of my group was down the mountain and I was stuck sitting there doing nothing but talking with my partner. Even though it was fun for a while, I found it very hard to entertain myself for what ended up being the next 3 hours. We were so close to the snowy cushion of whiteness below us but we had been strictly forbidden to jump, which as you know, I really wanted to fo. Finally, after what had felt like an eternity, something amazing happened, the lift started to move! It was an insanely long process, we moved forward 1 foot, lurched forward, and waited another 5-10 minutes before continuing. At one point, the lift broke down again and we waited for another hour for it to continue. However, after this grueling and exceptionally long process, we managed to make it to the next tower. O, how it felt so good to step in the sauna like patrol center. My toes could finally start to warm up and I could shake all the wet snow from my eyes. I was so happy to be out of that now dreaded lift. 

How did it all end you may ask. Well, after another 30 minutes of waiting a ski patrol car FINALLY showed up and me and my partner had a long awaited ride to hot coco and treats waiting for us. After such a long day, being out of the snow and indulging in salty and sugary goodness felt like luxury in my stomach. In the end, that was a tiring, frustrating, and around great day. This is one day that I will never forget.

Camp Hanes

  Early Thursday morning I felt the thud of my foot stepping onto what would turn out to be the first part of a very fun trip to Camp Hanes! When I was on the bus ride there I felt excited for all the fun activities we would participate in, but secretly really hoped that they were fun. I’d been to multiple sleepaway camps before, so the gist of what to expect wasn’t really new to me. However, I had never been to this camp specifically so I was definitely relieved when I found out that some of the activities I would be doing were archery, rock climbing, and canoeing. When this information was revealed to me, the most exciting activity seemed to be the climbing wall but sadly due to the hurricane I could only do three of the 5 activities which did not end up being the climbing wall. Nonetheless, I was still really happy to be there! 

     I love all things active and that have to do with water so naturally my favorite activity at Camp Hanes was….. Canoeing! I have always loved the water, whether it is a lake or pool, there is always something to do. One of these things is canoeing, and even though it wasn’t interesting at first, it ended up being very active and in my opinion the best activity there. So, when all the directions were finished and our life jackets were on and had picked one or two other people to share a canoe with, we were finally allowed some freedom in what we could do. We raced other canoes, tried to make one big canoe, and even splashed each other. When doing these things, we realized that some parts were harder than others. These things included communication and working together as a team to move in a certain direction. I’m glad I got to go canoeing!

     The 6th grade overnight trip to Camp Hanes was awesome! It was a great experience and definitely one I would want to have again. Although I only wrote about one activity, so many more things actually happened. We went on a hike, made s’mores, worked together as a group to solve challenges that came to us, etc. I will never forget our 6th grade trip to Camp Hanes!

Mae’s Finding Someplace Backpack

This summer I read Finding Someplace as one of my summer reading books. This story is about a girl named Reesie who escaped her hometown, New Orleans, because of an incoming hurricane. In preparation, she packed a few things in her backpack so she could escape comfortably. It was tough because during that time, her parents weren’t home. Instead, they were at their jobs working to save for her college. This caused her to pack some things like her phone, a charger, food, and some important papers that were stashed away in her parents closet. 

If I was in Reesies’ situation I would pack a bag like her, so now I am going to write about what I would bring. Firstly, I would bring money and important papers and documents like my family’s and my passports. Wallets are important too! With this being said, luckily I know where these things are stored in our house, and if I didn’t I would search briefly in the most logical places because I still have things I need to bring! Some of those things include basic electronics such as computers, iPads, phones, and depending if it would fit, I might try to squeeze any airpods, or apple watches that were left. This would be difficult because those things need chargers too. All of these things are important but food and pets are too so that’s what I would bring next!

It’s time to pack some things that are very important to me, my pets! I have two dogs, so for them I would bring their leashes, food, and some really small treats in a small Ziploc bag. I would most likely also keep them in a certain safe place with the door closed while I was grabbing my other items, which I will tell you all about!

After these things have been packed, I would start to focus on my survival and pack….. food!!! There are all types of food, so it’s important to grab the correct items. With this being said, grabbing items that need to be freezed or refrigerated wouldn’t be smart, so instead bars, crackers, and some type of fruit that doesn’t quickly mold like an apple would be part of the few food items I’d bring along. Along with this, I would quickly prepare a couple of really easy sandwiches with a preserve such as peanut butter. Even though it’s not my personal preference, it would be a good option if I was ever really in that situation. Water is important too, however it can take up a lot of space, so I would stuff as many normal sized plastic bottles in my bag as possible. Those are some of the food items I would bring if I was in Reesies’ situation. 

What do you wear everyday?.. Clothes!! So, that’s what I would pack next. Emergency’s are emergencies so I would want to pack as light as possible, meaning I would pack very minimally. Assuming it was August, an extra pair of shorts with a sweater would be all, and to save room, I would wear the sweater over the clothes I already had on. To clarify, the sweater could be used for storage space, a pillow, and comfort, all of which would be helpful during a hurricane! For me, if I have head comfort I also want body comfort so the final item in this section that I would bring is a sleeping bag. Now, a couple more things and…

We are almost done! The final things I would bring would be a toothbrush, mini toothpaste, some elastics for my hair, and a mini hairbrush, some batteries, any car/house key (just in case) and a flashlight! And…. After all that packing, I am successfully ready to escape!! I have to grab my dogs first though.